Every climate needs a different type of roofing, it is not recommended to install a roof meant for hot sunny climates in an area prone to larges levels of snow throughout the year. Unfortunately many popular home improvement stores or even websites that sell roofing tend to offer the same generalized choices of the bat so if you are planning on having a roof installed when building your home or maybe changing the one you have make sure you are knowledgeable about the subject and choose the roof that is best for you and your climate.

Very Hot Climates

If you live in very hot climate you want to find a roof that will not absorb the heat therefore heating up your home. Stay away from rubber or metallic options that will not only absorb the heat but will also be very difficult materials to work with being as they rapidly heat up, especially during the summer.
Although you can find light shades of asphalt and light shades of metal which can reflect the sun, if you have a hot desert type climate it is recommended to choose a different material. In states such as New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona which are known for their extreme heat clay tiles are the most popular roofing choice. They can be a bit pricey but are great at blocking out heat and diverting strong winds.


If You Live In The Tropics

High precipitation and humidity go hand in hand with tropical climates and the result can be damp roofing accompanied by algae. Many people prefer asphalt shingles due to their attractive look but unless you can purchase them with algaecides then regardless of the look they will not be the best choice for the tropics.
In a tropical living condition the best choice is metal which nowadays come in a waterproof and rust resistant choice. You will not only avoid problems with algae but also avoid dealing with lost shingles which can be blown away in the event of a hurricane. The only weather that could damage your metal roof would be hail but then again what roof is not easily damaged in a hail storm?

Snowy Climates

If you live in an area that tends to get a lot of snow you want roofing that will absorb any sunlight out there providing much needed heat in your home. A dark shingle roofing does attract heat but can also easily be damaged during a tornado and your roof also needs to be able to deal with any snow which may pile up. I know it does not sound like the most attractive options but a rubber roof will not only keep the heat inside but also be able to deal with any harsh winter climates.
It is always helpful to seek the opinion of a professional, someone who is familiar with roofing in your area and can give you the best option for your climate not a company merely trying to sell you a roof. Look over your options and thoroughly investigate before making your final choice if not you could easily find yourself replacing your roof in the near future.

Regardless of the climate you live in there will come a time when your roof either needs to be repaired or even completely replaced.  Some roofs are designed to last just 10 years while others can now last up to 50 or more. If your home does end up needing roof repair because of a small leak or small amount of damage from wind or other elements than we recommend seeking out a qualified roofing contractor to help.  If you live on the West Coast then here are some helpful links to guide you in finding the right company.

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What’s the best roof choice for where you live?