In an ever more stressful world your home and garden should be a haven of peace and tranquility. However even the most tranquil of surroundings could use a bit of a face lift every now and then. Turning your yard or garden into a wonderland is easier than ever before due to new materials and approaches.

From lighting to water features and even rock installations there are some great value for money projects that you can get started on right away to breath new life into your haven from the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

#1 Garden Lighting.

Garden lighting can range from inexpensive do it yourself approaches to professionally installed LED and other systems. The key to creating a beautiful effect is to take into account both the color and brightness of the solutions.

A great DIY solution is to use floating candles (also known as tea lights). A simple bird bath filled with floating candles can create a soft and warm ambiance without overwhelming those in the garden.

Many homeowners are today finding out that solar lighting solutions are ideal for garden use. These units are both eco friendly and can save significant amounts of money on electricity use. Try solar Chinese hanging lanterns or stand alone curbside or lawn lights. These are available in a number of attractive finishes and because of their stand alone nature are easy to position in the garden.

#2 Water Features.

The soothing nature of water features is well known and much appreciated by lovers of the outdoors. There are a number of different approaches to water features that can be taken. Ponds can add a focal point to the garden and give a sense of tranquility. Adding Koi or other fish species also provides additional movement and attraction to any pond. Many points are suitable as DIY projects.

Adding running water to the pond or as a standalone water feature has long been a favorite approach to providing a focal point in the garden. There are a number of pumps that can be purchased and the availability of artificial stone makes these features easy to install and maintain. For an even simpler approach take a look at the various ceramic pot fountains that can be purchased from most garden and home stores. These are simple to install as they just require connection to an electrical outlet.

#3 Rock Features.

Many gardeners in water poor areas such as those subject to periodic drought conditions are choosing to install rock features rather than water features. These have the advantage of being more eco friendly than water features and can save the household considerable expenses on water.

Their are a variety of artificial stone solutions that are available whcih are light and easy to handle as well as being weather resistant.

#4 Combinations.

One of the most attractive garden landscaping idea is to combine the rock feature with flowing water. By installing a natural rocks wall and combining this with a pump the flow of water over the wall resembles a natural waterfall. These features are extremely popular and can be set up in a variety of formats to take advantage of the natural contours of the garden.

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Tips On How To Create A Landscaped Wonderland