Dan JellinekHi there!

I’m Dan Jellinek. Welcome to my blog. In this blog you will get breaking news about politics, technology, science, finance and everything that affects our lives. You will learn about the political condition, economical condition, social condition, etc. of a country.

If there is fluctuation in currency or a stock market crash, you will know about it here. Whenever someone wins a Nobel Prize or an Oscar, you will find interesting coverage of the news here. Flood, earthquake and news about other disasters will also be available here.

What I do basically is read news from around the world and compile the most interesting ones for you in my blog. This blog is updated daily. So you will know about the latest happenings from around the world. The articles are written in a very friendly and easy tone so that readers of all levels can understand it. If you want you can share news with us also through our forum. This is actually a one stop solution for all your news about the world.